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beach husky


Limited grooming - no breed specific trims

We provide grooming options either at your home in your tub or off site where we have the tools to perform more extensive services.

Home bath can be less stressful than travel and we aim to cater to every pet's individual needs. We cannot provide all the same amenities as our off site option without the same equipment, but we will still ensure your fur-baby is happy and clean.

Home bath includes: Bath at home (in your tub), shampoo/condition and towel dry. Cleanup included. 

Spa days occur off site (we are big fans of Medway Dog Wash). We have experience grooming at both a dog daycare and veterinary practice. With the equipment accessible off site we provide a full body spa experience. 

Spa day includes: Nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, shampoo/condition, cologne and blow dry (trust us it makes a difference). 

**These services are not meant to treat any on going or current medical problems (ex: ear infections, skin lesions, AG infections, etc) please see your veterinary provider if pet's conditions worsen or do not improve**

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