puppy playdate

Puppy Playdate /

Group Walk

$50 for 1hr nature walk with 2-5 dogs

(+$25 per additional dog)


*Travel time adds an additional 1-1.5hrs your pet will be with sitter

This 2-5 dog group walk is an excellent way to not only socialize your pup with other dogs but also allow them the kind of play only their fellow four legged friends can provide. Not to mention all playdates come with complimentary photos of the pups fun time. Dogs must pass a temperament test, be dog friendly and up-to-date on vaccines to participate. If the dogs don't end up enjoying the company of one another no harm done we'll find other creative ways to keep them entertained. 

Includes: Complimentary photos. 

Requirements: Up-to-date rabies, distemper & kennel cough vaccines.

Currently offered Thursdays 2-6pm

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