calico cat

House Visits

$20 for 30min visit

$35 for 1hr visit

1-4 visits per day lasting 30min-1hr

dog walking

Dog Walks

$30 for 30min walk

$45 for 1hr walk

(+$5 per additional dog)


1-4 walks per day lasting 35min-1hr


Field Trips

(location within 20 miles of home)

$60 per requested field trip

husky & golden retriever

Puppy Playdates

(2-5 dog group)

*Currently: Thursday 2-5pm*

$50 for 1hr nature walk

(+$25 per additional dog)

dachshund cuddles


(charged per day)

$60 overnight care in your home


$50 overnight care at petsitter's

*must be canine & feline friendly*


husky puppy

Pet Photography

(photos provided on USB +/- shared Drive)

$30 per photoshoot



$20 nail trim

(+$5 per additional pet)

$10 brushout

$20 ear cleaning

$20 anal gland expression

$30-60 bath

$60-150 spa day


Pamper Pets

$5 kong or treat time

$15 for surprise toy



$15 per basic obedience session


Additional Fees

+$10-15 medication administration

per visit

+$15 federal holidays

per visit

cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled visits for services cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice prior.

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